Many families think that the cost homebirth is outside of their financial reach due to the common misconception that homebirth is not covered by insurance companies.  The truth is, we have had great luck billing insurance companies for our services with the help of a billing service. Often times our clients end up paying less out of pocket than their hospital birthing friends, due in large part to the fact that homebirth in itself is more affordable than a typical hospital birth. The average low risk, unmedicated, waterbirth in the hospital costs anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 and many women have high deductibles or out of pocket costs that can make a hospital birth have a hefty price tag.

Their knowledge, experience, and compassion for centering their care on the family really stood out to us. Even though they took over care so late in our pregnancy, we do not regret paying full price- we were given the highest quality of care, established a solid and trusting relationship, and their services were worth every penny.

The fee for a homebirth with North Star Midwifery is $5800*. This includes all the prenatal care, the birth, and all postpartum and newborn care. It also includes any additional support you may need in the early postpartum time. Homebirth families enjoy a much more connected and care driven postpartum time compared to those birthing in the hospital. By the time you have been to your first follow-up 6 week postpartum visit with a hospital provider, we’ve already seen our clients 5 times! We also include a birth tub in our fee and each family purchases a disposable liner for their tub.

When you consider the amount of time, attention, and personalization that we can provide with our model of care, it really is the VIP option. We have yet to have a family say they regret spending money on a homebirth. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, why not give it to yourself?

*Early pay discount to $5400 for families that pay in full by 32 weeks and returning clients