Water birth is a wonderful option to have available for home! People birthing at home have fewer restrictions on when they are able to enter the water during their labor. Many of North Star Midwifery’s families labor and/or give birth in water. The benefits of water for labor and birth include:

  • Pain relief in labor: Sometimes referred to as an “aqua-dural,” warm water decreases stress hormones that can inhibit labor and increases the release of endorphins, which are natures natural pain killers
  • Potentially shorter labors: Warm water helps with relaxation, which then helps the uterus function more efficiently
  • Comfort and mobility: It is way easier to move in water than on land
  • Less tearing: Warm water softens the perineum and vaginal tissue possibly reducing the risk of tearing
  • Gentle transition for baby: Easing of birth for the birthing person means easing the birth for the baby!

North Star has birth tubs available! The cost of the tub is included in our fee, but each family must buy a disposable liner. If you are curious about how it all works, read more here.