Luna-141(1)“When I think of my birth experiences many words come to mind, but if I had to choose one it would be joyous. Choosing North Star to attend our births was a decision I have never once second guessed. I have had three births with North Star Midwifery, and though they all have been different, I have wonderful memories from them all, thanks in large part to my midwife.

Aly cares deeply for families in their childbearing year. Prenatal visits were always something I looked forward to. She was full of information, comfortable discussion, laughter, and always what is necessary to make a fully informed choice. In my birthing times I have seen her need to use an array of important and necessary skills, and she has continued to impress and reassure me with her knowledge and level of care. I never felt rushed, uncomfortable, or like I needed to do something a certain way, but I always felt completely supported, involved in decision making, loved, and taken care of.

Postpartum visits are always thorough and sweet. I always felt like my baby was being handled by loving, gentle hands and that my and my family’s health and well-being mattered. I am truly grateful for the kindness and grace we received during our childbearing years, and I would choose North Star Midwifery every time!” — Brittany, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd babies, birth doula and childbirth educator


TheoDurfeyBirth073-2“The care I received was how I had always envisioned health care should be but had never experienced before. It was extremely personal, caring, and full of laughter and hugs!  Their whole philosophy is to allow you to be the decision maker in your own care. They guide and direct and offer their expertise to help you make a very informed decision but ultimately it is your decision as to what happens to your own body and baby. Having had this experience, I entered motherhood with more confidence and grace. In our culture, women are expected to be up and running 48 hours postpartum. However, Aly understands how counter-intuitive this is to bonding, healing, breastfeeding etc. and her approach encourages and facilitates a gentler entrance into parenthood. It was the best health care decision I have ever made.” — Lisa C, 1st baby


“Aly provided amazing pre and post-natal care. She listened to us at every step along the way. She spent so much time with us and her demeanor was so relaxed that we were both sad when our postpartum care was finished. I didn’t want to be left on the sidelines when my wife was giving birth, and she went out of her way to actively include me in the birth of my son. I work in a hospital, and after working with Aly I’m quite confused as to why so many people put up with hospitals.” — Jim, 1st baby

The care that my husband and I received from North Star midwifery was far beyond our expectations! Communication, patience, and compassion were all present 100% of our journey. You’d be foolish not to hire them for your next birth. — Kennedy, 1st baby

Aly was so great to work with! She took me in late in my pregnancy when some other options fell through and she prioritized getting to know me in a short amount of time. She was always reassuring and made giving birth a very natural experience that didn’t feel medical and institutional. I would recommend her care if you are considering a home birth!  — Gina, 1st baby


Making the switch to North Star Midwifery at 36 weeks was literally the best decision I could have made and I am so thankful everyday that I did so! When I think of my birth experience, I have zero regret and so much pride. And while I know a great experience in a hospital is possible, I just know my experience would have been completely different. Given that I had a cesarean with my first, there were some initial fears around having a VBAC at home. Aly was able to address all of our concerns and pointed us to reliable resources to learn more to make the best decision for ourselves. When the day came, I felt incredibly safe with Aly’s support. I chose North Star Midwifery based on the birthing experience I wanted and honestly didn’t think much of the postpartum phase. So, it was a nice little surprise when care during that time was nothing short of the very best. Aly was available for all of our questions and concerns. It was night and day to my first postpartum experience and I was truly sad when our time together ended at six weeks! — Sarah, VBAC

I’m so glad I found Aly to be my midwife! She has made my 2 home birth expenses amazing. It is such an intimate time and I have so much love and trust in Aly! I would recommend her to anyone because she is such a caring person that only has your best interest. She truly cares about you and wants to help you have the birth you envision. You will not be disappointed you chose her to be apart of your team! —Amy, 1st and 2nd babies


My husband and I moved back home to Minnesota when I was 7 months pregnant with our first baby.  We had the opportunity to meet and interview Aly and Rebecca over Skype while we were out of state and searching for a midwife to take over our care once we moved back home.  Although we weren’t face to face, we knew right away that they were going to be our midwives.  Their knowledge, experience, and compassion for centering their care on the family really stood out to us. Even though they took over care so late in our pregnancy, we do not regret paying full price- we were given the highest quality of care, established a solid and trusting relationship, and their services were worth every penny.  North Star also offers a service where they bill your insurance and depending on your plan you may get a refund.  As a healthcare provider myself, I know that the time and energy Aly and Rebecca put into each family is extremely rare, especially for the amount they charge for their services.  Not only were all my appointments an hour long (and no wait time!), the majority of their time was devoted to my very long labor (18 hours!) and the days that followed the birth.  They provided multiple postpartum visits (which is extremely rare to find in an institutional setting), but more importantly, they helped provide a positive and supportive experience as we transitioned into parenthood.  We know that we received the best care possible and in the end, our experience was priceless. – Natalia B, 1st baby



“One thing I love about North Star is that they not only focused on how I was feeling related to my pregnancy, but also how things were going in other parts of my little world, knowing that external pressures could impact my pregnancy and delivery. Every time I went to a prenatal visit, I learned something new from them (and this was my THIRD pregnancy!  I thought I knew it all already).” — Sarah, 3rd baby


“Throughout my entire care with them, Aly and Rebecca offered guidance and options yet always trusted and supported my choices. They gave me natural ways to keep my pregnancy healthy and their relaxed nature helped me stay calm as my guess date drew near. The birth of my daughter was long and hard, but they offered amazing support and comfort through every contraction and every concern I had. They kept me hydrated, fed and confident in my power to birth my baby. My daughter needed a little extra help transitioning after she was born, and Aly and Rebecca acted with calm reassurance. After this experience, I would never trust or want anybody else besides North Star at my births. They are a fantastic team!” — Dani, 1st baby