There are many advantages to having a homebirth. These advantages center on the principle that when a woman feels comfortable and in control of her environment, she will be more at ease and therefore birth more normally.

Other advantages of homebirth include:
  • Continuity of care: Your midwife will provide prenatal visits, attend your labor and birth, and provide postpartum and newborn care. There is no questioning who will be there to welcome your baby!
  • More autonomy: You get to say what is right for you and your baby.
  • Being surrounded by those you love: Anyone you would like to have at your birth is welcome at a homebirth
  • The comfort of your own home: Laboring in your own space, freedom to move about as you choose, eating and drinking freely, and of course, having your own bed to crawl into after your birth.
  • Your baby does not leave your side or your sight! This fosters bonding.
  • Homebirth is not messy: Any “mess” at home is most often very well contained and will be cleaned by your midwife before leaving your home. They will even start your laundry for you!
  • Fewer interventions: lower rates of cesarean, episiotomy, epidural, induction, etc.
  • Safety on par with low-risk hospital births

When I think of my birth experiences many words come to mind, but if I had to choose one it would be joyous. Choosing North Star to attend our births was a decision I have never once second guessed.