The postpartum and newborn care at North Star really sets us apart! We believe that your birth is just the beginning of your life with your child, and that support after your baby arrives is just as important, if not more important, than the prenatal care. To help you adjust to life with your new baby, your midwife provide 6 postpartum and newborn visits.

One of the main reasons we chose North Star Midwifery is the amount of postpartum care they provide.  It was so nice to able to snuggle in with my baby and have Aly come to us for check-ups in the first week

Postpartum & Newborn Services Include:
  • Home visits on days 1, 3, and 7 after the birth to check on breastfeeding, newborn weight gain, physical healing, and your and your baby’s overall wellness
  • Screening for postpartum depression and referrals as needed
  • Ongoing breastfeeding support as needed, as well as referrals to lactation counselors and/or Board Certified Lactation Consultants
  • Office visits at 2 and 4 weeks to check on you and your baby
  • A final 6-8 week office visit to wrap up your care
  • 24-hour availability to respond to any concerns that you might have
  • We also provide our clients with our own herbal bath for postpartum sitz bath soaks and compresses!