Where is your office located?

My office is in St Paul at Grand and Fairview.

St Paul home birth midwife office North Star Midwifery
Our St Paul office

What area do you serve and how far do you travel? 

North Star Midwifery primarily serves Minneapolis, St Paul and the Twin Cities suburbs and surrounding areas. Our office is located in St Paul. We will travel up to 1 hour.

What if something goes wrong? 

Your midwife will check on you and your baby’s wellbeing at every prenatal visit. Midwives are trained to recognize signs of complications as they arise and carry with them supplies and equipment for handling the most common complications of childbirth. For every birth a transport plan is made should a complication arise that cannot be managed at home. If you have to go to the hospital, your midwife will stay with you and advocate for you at the hospital. Remember also that most transports to the hospital from homebirths are for non-emergent reasons.

Is homebirth messy? 

Most homebirths are not messy. Any mess is caught with disposable underpads or in the water (in the event of waterbirth) and all will be cleaned by the midwife before she leaves your home. She will even start your laundry for you! Some families even report that their houses were cleaner after the birth than before.

How much does it cost to have a homebirth? 

The fee for a homebirth with North Star Midwifery is $4800*. This includes all the prenatal care, the birth, and all postpartum and newborn care. It also includes any additional support you may need in the early postpartum time. We also include a birth tub in our fee and each family purchases a disposable liner for their tub. Click here for more information on the cost. *early pay discount available

Does insurance cover homebirth? 

Many families with North Star Midwifery see some insurance reimbursement for their homebirth. Some families have even been reimbursed in full. Prenatal care is covered by most insurance companies. North Star Midwifery works with a billing service to maximize the chances of getting money back for your care. Every family pays up front and then whatever comes back after we bill goes back to you.

What supplies do I need to have a homebirth? 

There is a birth kit that you order online (about $60) which has some of the necessary supplies for your birth. This kit includes supplies for the midwife and items you will need in the immediate postpartum period. You will also need to gather a few things that are found readily in your home: garbage bags, towels and blankets, paper towel, etc.

The care I received was how I had always envisioned health care should be but had never experienced before.  It was extremely personal, caring, and full of laughter and hugs!  Their whole philosophy is to allow you to be the decision maker in your own care.  They guide and direct and offer their expertise to help you make a very informed decision but ultimately it is your decision as to what happens to your own body and baby.

Can other children be present at the birth?

Children are welcome and encouraged to be present at the birth of their sibling if they and their parents wish them to be, provided they have someone to care for them. We can discuss having siblings present at the birth during the course of your prenatal care.

Children present at Minnesota home birth

Do I need to take my baby to a doctor shortly after birth? 

Midwives specialize in normal, healthy newborns and provide regular care for the first few weeks of your baby’s life. It is a good idea to have a care provider (family practice or pediatrician) set-up ahead of time though in case your baby needs some additional assessment or care in those first few weeks. It is recommended that families have their babies seen by two weeks postpartum by their regular provider.

I am confused by the different types of midwives. What do all those letters mean?

There are two broad categories of midwives in the US: Direct-entry midwives who receive specialized training in homebirth and primarily attend births outside the hospital  and Nurse midwives with the letters CNM who receive their training primarily in the hospital and mostly attend hospital births.

Among direct-entry midwives, some are certified (Certified Professional Midwives or CPMs) and some are licensed by their state (LMs or LTMs) and some choose not to be either certified or licensed. Aly Folin is a CPM and licensed in MN and WI.