“Birth Works Best When It is Interfered with the Least”

This philosophy guides all the care that is given during your labor. your relationship with your midwife, combined with the comfort of being in your own home, creates a supported environment that empowers you to birth your baby as you are designed to do!

Your midwife supports the natural process of labor. This is done is by encouraging mobility, using the birth tub or shower, eating and drinking freely, and providing emotional support. For the safety of you and your baby, your midwife will also monitor your vital signs and the baby’s heartbeat regularly throughout labor. At the time of birth, partners are encouraged to catch their own babies and/or cut the cord after it has stopped pulsing. Your baby will be born into your arms and will stay with you at all times. Breastfeeding is encouraged as soon as possible after the birth.

The birth of my daughter was long and hard, but they offered amazing support and comfort through every contraction and every concern I had.  They kept me hydrated, fed, and confident in my power to birth my baby.

When birth is not normal:

Another part of your midwife’s job is to recognize when labor is no longer normal and may need attention at the hospital. Most often there are warning signs before complications arise, which your midwife is trained in recognizing and responding to quickly. In the case of a transfer to the hospital, your midwife will accompany you.

Immediately after birth:

Immediately following the birth, your midwife will monitor you and your baby to ensure a smooth transition and recovery. They will perform a head-to-toe newborn exam including baby’s weight and measurements. Before leaving your home, your midwives will provide information on what to expect from your body and your baby in the first few days. They will also still be on-call for you should any concerns arise for you or baby.